Coffee is better when your barista is bitter…

This is the Perfect Place

Port Townsend, Washington. The home of writers, the Olympic Mountains and deeply bitter baristas.


11 thoughts on “Coffee is better when your barista is bitter…

    • This is an excellent question! To be fair, it wasn’t all baristas in PT, just one. The town is charming, on the water, sleepy town. But 2 days in a row this barista was sour sour sour. No amount of perkiness or friendliness could sway her. My friend tried to win her over with cheerful “Good Morning!” but she met a wall of early morning apathy. My friend and I, both 42 yr old women, did noticed she perked up when a cute boy came in the door!

      • Ah… I try and do the same with grumpy Taxi drivers. Sometimes you can win them round and sometimes not! Always worth the try!

  1. Ahhh! Port Townsend! I vaguely remember the town, I don’t remember the barista, but I do remember the great cup of coffee I had there. It was one of the best I have had in my long life, ranking right up there with the one I had one morning in Green River, Utah a few years earlier. Thanks for the fond memories. Take care…

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