11 thoughts on “Coffee is better when your barista is bitter…

    • This is an excellent question! To be fair, it wasn’t all baristas in PT, just one. The town is charming, on the water, sleepy town. But 2 days in a row this barista was sour sour sour. No amount of perkiness or friendliness could sway her. My friend tried to win her over with cheerful “Good Morning!” but she met a wall of early morning apathy. My friend and I, both 42 yr old women, did noticed she perked up when a cute boy came in the door!

      • Ah… I try and do the same with grumpy Taxi drivers. Sometimes you can win them round and sometimes not! Always worth the try!

  1. Ahhh! Port Townsend! I vaguely remember the town, I don’t remember the barista, but I do remember the great cup of coffee I had there. It was one of the best I have had in my long life, ranking right up there with the one I had one morning in Green River, Utah a few years earlier. Thanks for the fond memories. Take care…

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